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MedCenterHousing.com is the only real estate brokerage service in existence specializing in available housing options all within a close

proximity to Texas medical centers, hospitals and schools offering medical, dental and nursing curriculum.


Our unique, no pressure approach to marketing real estate in the 21st. century is evidenced in our user friendly, “what” and “where” website…

When searching for property, why look at hundred of properties that you have absolutely no interest in?


We continuously strive to provide easy and seamless access to current and accurate data of available properties which allows you the ability to search for "just" the type, location and price of the property that you are interested in...

Not what we think you need!


No longer is it necessary to waste your valuable time driving all over town calling “For Sale" and “For Lease” sign phone numbers or newspaper ads and waiting for a real estate agent to get around to calling you back.


We want your experience with us to be informative, pleasant and most importantly, on your terms and schedule…we respect your privacy and NEVER require you to register in order to access current property info on any of our websites.


We’re here to help when you’re ready.

Galveston Broker: Galveston Real Estate Resource L.L.C.

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Houston Broker: DHD Real Estate Resource L.L.C.

1110 Nasa Pkwy, Suite 108G. Houston, TX 77058

Phone: 713.429.5836 Fax: 800.390.3252

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