Waco's medical sector is experiencing robust growth with $330 million in expansion since 2005, and health and education employment reaching

19% of the economy--1.5 times the national average.










The diverse sector is anchored for accredited hospitals with clinic

networks, the top-rated University of Texas family practice residency at the Family Health Center and the Central Texas Veterans Administration Health Center.


Waco is located with 200 miles of the majority of Texas' major medical centers.


Additionally, Waco's health care sector includes pharmaceutical and medical education product manufacturers Allergan and WRS Group, respectively. The sector is supported by a base of wholesale and service firms. About 50 percent of a hospital's cost is labor and about 20 percent is supplies. Waco is in a natural location for the manufacturing and distribution of health-related products.


Waco’s health care industry is alive and well with both major

hospitals in an expansion phase and a growing work force in this

important target industry.

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